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Pure Passion

Prins Esclusivo has cliënts from all over the Netherlands. The reason for their commitment to our company is the pure passion for cars within our team. All members of our experienced, professional team are devoted to speed, beauty and technology. Welcome at Prins Esclusivo!  

Owning an exclusive car

Owning an exclusive car should be a magnificent enjoyment. Whether it's your daily driver or it's just used for a beautiful Sunday morning drive. The car should fill you with pride, not only while driving but also each and every time you lay eyes on it. You are not just in possession of a means of transport, you are the proud owner of a showpiece. An ownership in which you take great pleasure and with which you make a statement. Your car is a testimony of good taste and an exceptional sense of style.

True petrolheads

We get a lot of onjoyment out of servicing the cars owned by enthusiastic petrolheads. Main reason for this is that they have the outmost respect for their cars and its technique. They are clearly aware of their exclusive possession. They only entrust their car to those who at the very least show that same respect and awareness. As a true petrolhead, you will know straightaway that PrinsEsclusivo is the right address for you.

A devoted and passionate team

Enjoyment in your work is considered very important here at Wim Prins. "We have a fantastic team. A passionate and motivated group of car enthusiasts. The team is the spirit of our company. We are customer-oriented and offer a high-quality service to the complete satisfaction of an ever-increasing number of customers."

Judge for yourself? You are most welcome at Prins Esclusivo in The Netherlands!


Here a intro

  • Wim3
    Wim Prins
  • Jeroen van Kranen, Prins Esclusivo, Sales
    Jeroen van Kranen
  • Quinten
    Quinten Immink
  • Joost
    Joost Bode
  • Daan2
    Daan Hertsenberg
    Media and photography
  • Gerrit
    Gerrit Haverkamp
    Workshop reception
  • Anniquegrijsshirt
    Annique Schuiteman
  • Lisanne
    Lisanne Schuiteman
  • Eveliengrijsjack
    Evelien van den Berg
  • Corne
    Corné den Hartog
    Parts and accessory
  • Mark
    Mark Kern
    Head of workshop
  • Hendri
    Henry Westerink
  • Gert
    Gert van Dijk
  • Robin
    Robin Lammerts van Bueren
  • Marinus
    Marinus van der Voort
  • Anton
    Anton Bouw
    Body repair
  • Harry
    Harry Petersen
    Car detailing