Ferrari 599

Ferrari 599

GTO | Unique | Historical Color | Carbon engine bay | Etc!
Factory Color
24.800 km
Bovag guarantee
6 Months
€ 545.000.00 }ex. BPM

Ferrari 599 GTO

We’ve all experienced it at least once: the pain of saying goodbye. It doesn’t always have to be about a person or something else of flesh and blood. Sometimes a special creation has taken a special place in your heart. For example, this car’s former owner will never forget his absolutely unique and excellent looking + driving Ferrari 599 GTO. After all, the (non-turbo!) V12 classic of the future has 670 reasons to be remembered forever. And a skin (Vintage Bi-Color in combination with lots of carbon, including the extremely expensive Engine Bay) that makes your mouth water!
Dreaming about racing (with the Ferrari 599XX for example) is no longer necessary. The 599 GTO gives you the ultimate race feel on public roads. In fact, the driving experience is on the same high level as of the 599XX: pure and limitless in terms of handling and sound... This “Limited Edition” Ferrari 599 is not built of flesh and blood, but the Italian supercar has more soul than any other modern 12-cylinder!


The Ferrari 599 on your screen is still young, but the former owner gave us enough inspiration to give its history some attention. The enthusiastic Ferrari collector bought his GTO from the 1st owner back in 2014: a Swiss Ferrari fan. The maintenance has been done by Alex Jansen ever since - better known as “Forza Service” in Holland. At home, the car has been cared of by classic standards. No coincidence: the last few years it has been parked in a heated garage between many legends from the past, held under a dust cover. Unfortunately, the big car collection also proves to be the bottleneck: there was no room left in the garage for anything else, so something had to make way… The 599 GTO is in perfect condition; from the inside, outside and underneath as well. That’s also why we received a special request from our customer: “Please find a new destination for the Ferrari far away from home.” He hopes it hurts less saying goodbye by not seeing it somewhere else...

Exterior + options

The appearance of the Ferrari 599 GTO is of a rare caliber: hardcore and elegant at the same time. The GTO is based on the 599XX circuit racer. So it’s not a lightweight version of the 599 GTB Fiorano, but a road-going race car. It cannot be missed: the carbon front splitter, side skirts and double diffuser at the rear, are all part of the 599XX and GTO design. It also contributes to the 100 kilogram weight loss compared to the 599 GTB. Added to that are the Carbon Fiber Headlight Buckets and Carbon Fiber Wheel Cups. Poured into an extremely rare two-tone Grigio Scuro “vintage” livery with a Nero Opaco (Bi-Color) roof, plus black painted wheels and Privacy Rear Windows, this Ferrari will be on top of many wish lists from now on.

Interior + options

Inside the Nero leather/Alcantara covered 599 GTO cockpit, it becomes immediately clear that this Ferrari is serious business: there’s carbon fiber all over the place! Carbon Fiber Racing Seats (with 4-Point Safety Harness) and Carbon Fiber Door Sill Covers included. There’s also a factory fitted Fire Extinguisher. An original Legal Roll Bar completes the thoroughbred racer. The flawless shape of the interior comes like a beautiful bonus.

Technique & performance

The Ferrari 599 GTO is a born classic. The 12-cylinder (with 8.000 euros costing Carbon Fiber Engine Bay!) Is the only power source that Ferrari still supplies without the help of any turbos. One that is capable of doing amazing things: 0-100 km/h in 3.4 seconds and a top speed of 335 km/h!
In terms of thrill and rarity, the GTO belongs to a unique Ferrari list with the F40, 288 GTO and Ferrari Enzo on it. The only difference is that the 599 completes a lap (much) faster on the Fiorano track - Ferrari's home circuit. For this and many other reasons the people at Prins will also shed a tear when saying goodbye to the 6.0 liter Ferrari V12 producing 670 hp. However, those who are smart enough strike quickly: after all, we all know how the prices of other legendary Ferrari classics have developed...

Kind regards,
Prins Esclusivo