TVR Tuscan

TVR Tuscan

60.210 mile
6 Maanden
€ 27.500.00 }ex. BPM

TVR Tuscan

People who are looking for some distinction can choose a striking color or an alternative set of wheels. But if you really want something completely different, it’s better to visit Prins. As we speak, we have a very special British sports car in stock: the one and only TVR Tuscan! An original British beauty, superbly maintained and delivered new on the outskirts of Cotswolds. Off we go!


Since 2009, the Tuscan is driving its miles in the Netherlands where it has been perfectly serviced by TVR sportscars Holland for all these years. Recent thorough maintenance, costing a little bit less than 10,000 euros, shows that the former owner literally did everything he could to keep the stunning beautiful TVR Tuscan in the best possible condition. Obviously, he did the right thing. Because this is a true collector’s item!
Among other things, the clutch and engine starter were replaced during the last service. In addition, the brake calipers have been overhauled and the valves have also been set professionally by the Dutch TVR specialist. This might cost a lot, but an extraordinary driving experience is just one of those things that money can’t buy.


Speaking of extraordinary… This is how a unadulterated driver's car should look like: no superfluous frills, but still an extremely original design. We taste some Viper here and there (referring to the shape of the doors and the cooling slots in front of them) and we even see something of Wiesmann in it. However, the Tuscan is rounder, smoother, cleaner and also more modern styled. A retro model coming from space. And that's exactly how the TVR still looks like after 20 years. How unique!
The grey lacquer comes with an extra surprise. Okay, it might not be everywhere as clean as the design itself because of the retouches and irregularities here and there, but more than we could’ve ever imagined, this modest color fits perfectly with the distinct looks of the Tuscan. It’s the huge contrast which ensures that the shape of the Targa model is beautiful balanced. Especially in combination with the wheels - also painted in grey. How cool!


We would like to invite anyone who thinks that the wheel is "on the wrong side" of the car to take a seat. You will be amazed how quickly you get used to it. Especially because every part is exactly where you want it to be. In short, ergonomic brilliant and 100% focused on pure driving experience. Or should we say "driving sensation"?
The dashboard is pretty minimalistic in terms of design since driving the TVR Tuscan is all that matters. Despite this fact, the beige leather upholstery has a wonderfully chic appearance and matches the dark grey bodywork on a real tasteful way! The instruments look like they have been taken directly from a motorcycle; it is that compact. TVR just managed to set up some space for a radio next to it. But this is the one thing the British brand really shouldn’t have, since the beast underneath already sounds like music to our ears…

Technique & performance

The TVR Tuscan is all about having maximum fun. The (semi) open 2-seater produces 350 hp on the rear wheels, thanks to a straight-six engine in front. Non-turbo! This means that the characteristic rumble from the huge double sports exhaust is in no way muted. Just listen to it and you’ll understand… The twinkle in your eyes when starting the Tuscan changes to pupils as big as your iris after hitting the throttle: 0-100 km/h takes 3.6 seconds! With a weight of only 1,100 kg (!)...
Lightweight or not, the TVR Tuscan feels real solid on the road and reaches a top speed of 290 km/h without using all kinds of flashy spoilers. This makes the performance just as eccentric as the appearance. In other words, time to get both feet on to Dutch ground and have a look at our spaceship from the past, suited for your future.

Kind regards,
Prins Esclusivo