Ferrari 612

Ferrari 612

Scaglietti | One to One | Blu Abu Dhabi | Pano | Carbon int | Ceramic..
Factory Color
27.270 km
6 Maanden

Ferrari 612 Scaglietti F1 One to One

A Ferrari 612 not exclusive enough? And an Alfa Romeo 8C too small? This seems like a tiny problem, and maybe it is. But a loyal Prins customer really had to deal with it. This is what happened: he said his 2-seater 8C Competizione goodbye to get his hands on a 4-seater 612 Scaglietti. But not just a random one... No, the Ferrari had to be at least as magical and unique as the Alfa. We were asked to start searching and get the job done. Our answer was this extremely rare Scaglietti One to One. How did the customer react? Probably the same as you do at the end of this story. He told us: this is “the one”!


Ferrari obviously had to bring back some good old memories in the design, since the Scaglietti was named after the legendary coachbuilder from Modena. The designers at Pininfarina had a great vision at how this should be done: the 612 is the perfect role model of timeless class. The bodywork is modern and classic at the same time. The overall shape is clean, the details are classy and the configuration is very traditional: a 2+2 setup in combination with a front-mounted longitudinal V12-engine. Exactly how a genuine GT should be!
Let the beautiful bodywork swim in a bath full of Blu Abu Dhabi lacquer, add a some dark-grey 20-inch wheels, Satin Chrome mirrors, Giallo calipers, Titanium exhaust tailpipes, a chrome grille and Scuderia Ferrari Shields, and we don't have to explain that you’re looking at something really special here. A true one of a kind gentleman's grand tourer "di Ferrari"!


Fortunately for the fans, the interior is at least as stylish: Sabbia leather upholstery with Blu contrast stitching! Other references to the gorgeous Blu Abu Dhabi bodywork are the Otranto carpets and Combo Blu seat belts. And if all goes well, the headlining will also turn blue in clear weather thanks to the (dimmable!) panoramic roof. The styles are finished with chic Sabbia. But the steering wheel and top of the dashboard are blue too. Dark blue, to be precise, or like the Italians say: Blu Scuro.
Other parts on the dashboard and steering wheel are carbon made. Just like the sills and shift paddles. These lightweight components don’t really make a difference in color, and yet it provides lots of contrast in the Scaglietti cockpit. Because no matter how elegant the outfit is, the DNA is still racy. The Giallo rev-counter corresponds to the logo of the prancing horse on the inside and outside, and of course the calipers as well. However, just like the carbon parts, it also says something about the performance of the 612...


Bring the 5.7 liter 12-cylinder to life and you will immediately understand what we mean: thanks to the sports exhaust, the 540 horses sound even more raw than they usually do. This One to One may have enough comfort and space for 4 passengers, the acceleration isn’t less exciting: 0-100 km/h is history within 4.2 seconds. The luxurious supercar keeps roaring all the way up to 320 km/h.
When full speed isn’t the only way to go for you or your passengers, we challenge you to try the power of ceramic (!) brakes, while listening to the Bose multimedia and audio system. Front + rear parking sensors even make the big Ferrari easy going while maneuvering. In short, this absolutely unique and stunning 612 Scaglietti One to One truly is a genuine GT for the gentlemen. With taste, of course. And one of the few cars that can make forget an Alfa 8C. Whoever could have thought that...

Kind regards,
Prins Esclusivo

Alarm system
Aluminum sportpedals
Electric adjustable front seat
Leather dashboard
Leather door panels
Metal color
Panoramic roof
Rear parking sensor
Parking sensor
Sport exhaust
Heated front seats
Xenon headlights