Ferrari F430

Absolutely UNIQUE offer: a 13-year-old Ferrari F430 with a mileage that barely touches 9,850 kilometers! Back in 2015, when we also welcomed this Italian beauty to Prins Esclusivo, we labeled the car "new" with only 2,794 km (!) of driving experience and various plastic protective layers from the factory still on it. How’s that 4 years later? Not that much different!
Why drive so little with such a magical machine? There’s only one good reason for that: it must be so incredibly gorgeous, it amazed the former (only 1) owner enough by just looking at it. The current (2nd) owner, who bought this stunning beautiful F430 at Prins 4 years ago, offers the extremely smooth Italian for sale now, but not without having mixed feelings about it. Please come visit us and you’ll immediately understand why…


According to the sublime color combination, the pristine white Ferrari has been chosen with just as much care as it has been "used". When you look at this flawless F430 with an extraordinary Bianco Fuji mother-of-pearl finish, it becomes clear that someone went through a whole series of brochures before ordering this car. Nothing has been left to chance, no detail has been overlooked when the original buyer from Italy ordered his bella macchina. An enthusiast with style, that much is clear!

Interior & options

When the door opens, the answer why the pearl white exterior has Rosso brake calipers is given in a blink of an eye. In this way, spectators would have a tiny look into the Ferrari interior: filled with Rosso leather! So don’t you tell us you weren’t prepared… In addition to the leather upholstered electrically adjustable Daytona Style sports seats, door panels, headliner, sills and even the shells of the formidable sounding High Power Hifi Audio (including 6 CD changer and subwoofer), details such as the rev-counter are also finished in red.
However, since you want all eyes on the road while pushing the Ferrari-V8 to the limit, the dashboard and steering wheel (including original protective cover) have a Nero leather finish plus various carbon parts. It looks wonderful as well, but will not distract you while driving. The white stitching, which is beautifully extended throughout the whole F430 interior, confirm the fine taste its original (and current) owner must have. Finally, the car's official VIP documentation is like the red cherry on the white cake. Everything is completely perfect and is just as pure as 13 years ago!

Technique & performance

Do you have any plans to use this immaculate Ferrari more intensively than its first two owners? The ceramic brake discs and special Goodyear Run Flat tires indicate the powerful circuit ambitions of the white thoroughbred with 490 hp of screaming V8-power. 0-100 km/h only takes 4 seconds and its top speed is 315 km/h, to give you an idea of its supercar worthy performance. However, practical things like parking sensors at the front and back weren’t forgotten either. In short, a true masterpiece. A really special package which hasn’t even completely been unpacked after 13 years. One thing is for sure though: this F430 is more than ready for it. So the only right question to ask is: are you too?

Kind regards,
Prins Esclusivo

Leather furnishing
Leather dashboard
Leather door panels
Alloy wheels
Sport seats